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Community Financial Support for COVID-19.

Many people will face severe financial hardship and difficulties obtaining living essentials while isolated due to COVID-19.  Financial support needs to be delivered safely and immediately to our care providers and the community. 


LightningAid enables Government departments, NGOs and community groups to distribute financial support directly to those in need.


LightningAid has many advantages for distributing financial support to those in need.


Financial support can be instantly credited to the person in need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

(even on bank holidays).


LightningAid's modern technology infrastructure is designed for global scale and is already operational in UK, Europe and Singapore.


All transactions are fully traceable on the app and web portal, with simple and transparent ways to gather and submit data.


The platform has strong anti-fraud controls, bank grade security and has been audited by local and global payment schemes.

About Us

Born out of the COVID-19 crisis, LightningAid is a financial inclusion initiative by Railsbank with support from our friends in the Fintech community.

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